Eliminating Procrastination and Distractions when Working from Home to Increase Productivity

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Apr 22,2021

To state that the year 2020 was a bumpy ride for everyone will not be an understatement. With lots of pit-stops and even big hurdles like lockdowns, last year was anything but easy. For businesses, it was a nightmare as the consumers, and even the loyal customers, were facing a cash crunch. And most of them were not willing to shell out money for anything other than essential commodities.

To cope with the scenario just mentioned above, companies are looking to foster their corporate branding and come up with innovative marketing campaigns to make their products tick with their customers.

Some of the most developed and technologically advanced countries like the USA, Brazil, the UK, Germany, and France have been severely affected. Currently, Eastern and Western Europe are experiencing many cases, along with Mexico and Brazil. For countries like Poland, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic, the combined figure is 45,000, and France totaling this figure all on its own. But with vaccine drive in full swing in most countries of the world, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Remote work was already an established work arrangement and used by companies around the world. In most cases, It is a win-win situation for both the employees in the employer. The company gets the work done by their employee from anywhere they deem suitable and is also convenient for anyone who can commute to work for any reason.

Email Services for Getting End-User’s Attention

The apt use of email clients is something that is rampant nowadays. While some individuals think that email marketing is not profitable for businesses, the reality is quite different. Email is the primary way of communication between businesses and their customers while they are negotiating on price or any other matter. And even before B2B transactions are finalized, email correspondence is vital so that they can reach a deal.

One of the tools to increase productivity is to have the right email client to ease your work. Mailbird has released a list of best email clients for Windows 10, and you can choose some of them for your use and increased productivity. This is critical as the taut usage of such email clients can be a win-win situation for all the stakeholders involved in a deal.

Remote Work is a Priority Nowadays

According to a report published in Business Insider last year, more than 54% of American adults were Willing to work remotely. That's a whopping number given that remote workers may not have the same privileges that on-campus employees enjoy, certainly not the facilities available at their workplace. So, you can imagine the kind of fear most people have from the deadly virus. And It's not just the USA, but Many businesses across Europe, South America, and Asia are offering remote work to their employees.

Making remote teams work is the manager's job or the top management to get quality work as a result. For the employees working at a remote location, one of the biggest challenges they face is distractions and how to avoid them. The use of mobile apps and getting connected with their team is what team leads must look forward to.

Most companies use all-in-one employee mobile apps so they can communicate and give tasks to their workers. They ease the working from home and by that increase the productivity of the employees.

Work From Home

Working from home has its own advantages and disadvantages. With the third and fourth wave of COVID-19 going berserk worldwide, things are not looking rosy for most parts of the world. Strict restrictions on travel and even inland movement in countries like the UK are hampering people in their daily routine. And businesses feeling the brunt of this scenario.

Despite the vaccination drive in full swing, it will take another few months before we can see the virus start to lose its deadly momentum. That's why work from home will be the norm for some time to come. This is one reason why a work from home tool which can be helpful for businesses or their employees at home will be lapped up.

Achieving high productivity is the ultimate goal, but exactly how to achieve this can be tricky. Go through this blog as I will discuss how employees can eliminate distractions at home or remote locations and get uber-productive.

Develop and Follow Routine to Avoid Procrastination

This is perhaps the biggest reason why remote employees are not able to start their work on time. And eventually, race against time as they look to scamper through their job near the deadline. But it isn’t easy as they must look at the causes for procrastination to avoid them. So, what are the reasons for procrastination that can make you delay your daily work? Read on.

Workstation Related Problems

It is imperative to know that everything related to your work is in perfect condition. Ensure your PC or the laptop is running fine, without any issues like slow speed, hanging problems, etc. Even a minor issue can drive you towards procrastination and delay any assigned task.

Internet Connection / Dedicated Server and the Apt Use of Mobile Apps

The use of a reliable connection and hosting service is also required. Without a lightning-fast Internet, you may face hurdles in researching any work. Or face issues while contacting your peers or supervisor. Also, you need to think about getting a dedicated server that can host all your data or through which your teammates or team lead can retrieve your work. You don’t have to go for a premium service as you can easily get cheap dedicated servers that can be enough for you.

The use of mobile apps has already been discussed at length, but I would like to shed some light on another important aspect in this regard. It is about mobile app testing as this step is often related to the back seat when businesses opt for an app to be used by their customers. Several features must be Incorporated into the app to make it worth the effort, but testing is also crucial.

To offer a great experience to the end-users, thorough testing of the app before the launch can do the trick for any business. In a nutshell, don’t even think of skipping this step because offering a product with bugs and shortcomings is not advised at all. And in the long run, too, this will benefit you greatly.

Family and Other Commitments

If you are working from home, family and other commitments can distract you from work and even lead to procrastination. Take good care of your family but never let your professional work be delayed by them. There can always be some emergency but apart from that, prioritize your work so that you have ample time to finish it and take care of the needs of your family.

Other commitments like going out of your home during working hours are a strict no-no. Again, it may be a requirement, but that should be limited to being once in a blue moon event. Remember, procrastination can occur as you are unable to eliminate distractions.

Flexible Scheduling

Work from home can never be perfect until you get your cent percent. That's why a flexible schedule can do the trick for you, as you will be free from all the other applications mentioned above. You can opt for work in the night shift to keep all the distractions at bay. Or if you think that you will not be able to work all night, you can divide your work into two shifts. Flexible scheduling will make your work easy, eliminate distractions and make you more productive.

Businesses looking to incorporate new or innovative designs on their website need to be vigilant. With remote teams working from different locations, it can be a headache for the top management to work with them. Think of you as a supervisor as you have to manage your design team remotely. The process can be overwhelming for professionals too, so it is better to get information from a reliable authority.

Clutter-Free Environment

Another aspect that makes you procrastinate as you are unable to find the thing you need. For example, if you have to talk with a team member and don’t have a headphone with you, it will not be easy to concentrate on the other person's voice or listen clearly. Never make the mistake of start working in a messy setting with everything scattered all over. Do yourself a world of good as a clutter-free desk will be a catalyst in avoiding procrastination, and start working diligently towards completing your tasks.

Finish Easiest Work at the Earliest

We all tend to look at the most difficult task at hand and try our best to finish it. But it takes much time, and lots of easier tasks that can be completed quickly are left behind. Looking at a tall order also leads to procrastination as some people tend to fear a difficult task and delay the start. On the other hand, when you will know that you have finished all the easier tasks at hand and have just one task to finish, psychologically, it will prevent procrastination. People work with zeal and commitment as they feel they can complete the tasks or submit a project.

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