6 Video Editing Tips Every Graphic Designer Should Know

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Feb 26,2021

There are two stages to producing a video. The first is to shoot the clips. Then, it’s time to turn the footage into a compelling story.

This post-processing phase requires both technical know-how and creativity. You don’t need a degree in moviemaking, though.

All you need to know is that making a film is more than straight cutting and joining clips. You have to follow specific guidelines so that your final product doesn’t end up looking unprofessional and boring.

Even if you’re a graphic designer, you can do an excellent job at editing videos. The skills you have in creating and manipulating images is an advantage.

If you’re new to the process, here are some tips that’ll help you produce amazing clips for your viewers.

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Choose the Right Computer

Although video editing these days doesn’t require expensive equipment, you’ll need a fast computer. It shouldn’t matter if it’s a Mac or PC, as long as it has a powerful processor.

You should also include a solid-state drive (SSD), which allows you to access your software and files faster. It’s more expensive than a regular HDD, but it’ll speed up the loading, rendering, and export times. SSD also provides excellent performance and lasts longer because it has no moving parts which can break down due to wear and tear.

Other requirements include memory (RAM) of at least 8GB and a high-quality video card.

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Use the Right Software

The next essential requirement is using the right software. There are so many options, such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe After Effects, but you should choose the one that suits your editing style.

The criteria to base your decision on are their usability, digital interface, and features, instead of going for the latest program.

These days it’s a trend for influencers to record clips of themselves for their social media posts. Since many of them don’t hire professionals, they’ll likely use a mobile app to do the editing. Most applications do an excellent job. For instance, Facetune's Instagram selfie video editor, the app that gives the opportunity to edit a clip in 60 seconds.

Importance of Color Correction

Color is a critical element in your clip. With skillful manipulation, you can set the mood for the scene and evoke the viewer’s emotions.

Knowing how to correct hues is vital as raw footage can be bland even with proper lighting. This process is where your skills as a graphic designer come in.

Luckily, most video editing software today makes it easy to make your scenes appear realistic.

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Utilize Hotkeys

Knowing and mastering hotkeys is essential in film editing to speed up the already slow process.
Using a combination of keys instead of your mouse saves you valuable time and helps you get your job done quicker.

Most programs have keyboard shortcuts that perform a range of functions. You can memorize them or customize them to adapt to your work style.

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Understand the Jargon

As in any industry, it’ll help if you understand the language in video editing. You’ll need to do your research and learn the terms as some of them are impossible to decipher on their own.

Being well-versed with the terminology can improve your creative skills. It’ll also come in handy when speaking to the rest of the post-production team and other editors. You’ll impress your clients and show them that you’re an expert in what you do.

Tell a Compelling Story

It’s easy to learn design and editing techniques. However, it's best to remember to focus on your goal of telling a story. Clarity is of paramount importance in this respect.

Keep your videos aesthetically pleasant on the eye. Avoid adding unnecessary techniques that’ll create a clip that doesn’t deliver its message. Stick only to elements that’ll enhance your film.

Focus on Your Objective

We can’t stress this enough. You may have excellent creativity and design skills. However, you have to keep in mind your video's purpose, which is to convey a message to your viewers. That should be your primary objective.

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