4 Winning Strategies to Improve Your App User Adoption Outcomes

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Apr 21,2021

Mobile applications are difficult to not just create, but also to manage and market to a large audience. Brands having mobile applications utilize a wide array of strategies to ensure that their users not only use their application but also revisit the application regularly. To monitor this, companies monitor a metric known as ‘user adoption rate’. The user adoption rate indicates the number of users who are utilizing the features in your application effectively.

A higher adoption rate translates into a loyal customer base, and users’ increased willingness to continue using your application. No wonder, brands invest a lot of time and resources in ensuring that users are onboarded and adopting to the application effectively. Moreover, it is also observed that companies show a need to reduce the time associated with training their users, and want to make the user experience and adoption as seamless as possible.

Here are a few ways in which brands can ensure that they achieve superior outcomes in terms of user adoption:

Build Superior User Experience

If your company is in the process of, or has already launched an application, chances are that you have heard about the need for a superior user experience many times. Just like product placement, friendly staff, and well-decorated locations were important to brick and mortar businesses, online applications need to provide a conducive environment for users to achieve what they are looking for. It starts from something as simple as having highly accessible options and prompts that can guide the users’ in-app experience.

Moreover, you should also ensure the usage of the right colors to complement your brand identity and user experience, in addition to using a combination of animations and text to interact with and guide the users through the experience of utilizing all the features of the application. A superior user experience can ensure that your customers are loyal to your application and actively find a use for your application in their daily life, which is the goal that you want to achieve with digital adoption, anyway.

Update Offers and Discounts

If your application falls within the ecommerce industry and allows users to conduct transactions, you may have already considered offering discounts to bring customers to your application. However, a common challenge with this strategy is that while it can bring new users who register for availing the offers, they might not return to the application. For a guided adoption strategy, brands can constantly update discounts and offer on the application which can retain the customers’ attention and engagement.

It is also important for mobile applications to have a personalized approach towards offering discounts and offers to their customers. Personalized experiences go a long way towards retaining customers, and maintaining their loyalty towards the mobile application. Brands can utilize data to tailor personalized in-app user experiences, which can have a profound impact on customer retention and loyalty. According to McKinsey, organizations that leverage data are 23 times likelier to acquire new customers.

Optimize Digital Adoption Strategy

Digital adoption strategies are important in ensuring that users are able to make the most of your application. Brands need to come up with strategies that would ensure that users are able to use all the features that you want them to use for a comprehensive application experience. The user experience is also dependent on regular optimization of the digital adoption strategy offered by the application.

An efficient digital adoption strategy includes a series of processes, that help users in learning the ins and outs of an application seamlessly. Regardless of whether you have a SaaS application designed to address the needs of high-performing teams or a friendly mobile application to help customers find solutions to their routine problems, it is your responsibility as a brand to teach your users how to use it effectively.

For instance, if they are missing out on using some of the core features that you provide the application, your users may be deprived of the user experience that you are offering. You can also use digital adoption platforms to upgrade your user experience by adding the right cues and directions to guide your customer through the journey.

Utilize Videos

Another great way to amplify your digital adoption outcomes is to have videos for directing your customers to various options and features that you want them to discover. Short explainer videos informing customers of the primary features of the application can help them adopt the application faster which can increase the chances of users coming back for repeated usage. Having videos within the application can help your users to get trained in-app, and increase their satisfaction ratings which can have a direct impact on the digital adoption rate of the application.

For instance, each time a user opens a new module within the application, a short video can pop up and explain the various features in the module, so that users can use them effectively. Moreover, short videos can also seamlessly integrate within the user interface, providing the right customer support for the users while they are using the application.

Having attractive animations and colors within the video can also improve the quality of the video, and its effectiveness in onboarding and training your users to adopt your application in a better way. Lastly, having product experts explain the features of your application through guided directions can also add that extra human touch to your digital adoption process, which can in turn reflect an improved user experience.

Key Takeaways

Digital adoption is key to improving the user experience offered by your application, which is why you should pay adequate attention to it, right from the start. Whether you design your own digital adoption strategy or hire a digital adoption platform to take care of it, its effectiveness can have a lot of impact on the success of your application. Following a detailed approach towards designing a digital adoption strategy can enrich your user experience in a major way, and encourage your users to continue using your application. Following these strategies along with the right tools and peripherals can significantly and consistently improve the user experience.

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