Mobile App Development: Technologies Startups Should Know

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Mar 17,2021

The technically advanced world makes it an unsaid necessary to adopt technologies that help maintain modernity. As a reason, we have mobile applications leading our ways. Name an industry, and we have a mobile app for it. A mobile app development company today focuses on building dynamic apps that make a business reach new heights.

Managing lives has become easy with the excellent support of mobile applications. Be it exercise, cooking, maintaining inventory, various operating systems houses numerous mobile applications. Moreover, mobile applications can enhance the experience of a brand for a customer. It can make the features more personalised for the user and increase the interactivity of an application.

A mobile can be really helpful for a startup as it can help elevate its reach and enhance its brand value. As users today use phones more than laptops, desktops and tablets, investing in mobile application is an amazing option.

Here are some of the critical technologies of App development for startups:-


It is an excellent programming language used by developers worldwide for creating different kinds of applications. It is a dynamic, open-source and objects oriented language which is easy to understand. Any developer with a basic knowledge of programming language can very conveniently use Python.

Additionally, it is a portable language that includes built-in debuggers for facilitating error-free development. Moreover, it offers GUI programming support, several frameworks, libraries, community support and various other features for ensuring smooth and quick development. It is preferred to build feature-rich- scalable applications in comparatively lesser time.


It is easy to handle and features a rich official programming language for building Android applications. Java offers amazing open-source libraries, excellent documentation and community support that help developers in building various types of android applications effortlessly. Telegram and VLC media players are some examples build over it.


Developed by Google, it is an open-source mobile application development SDK that helps developers in creating cross-platform applications. Using Flutter, one can make an application that runs smoothly on both the iOS and Android platforms. The technology is in high demand because people these days prefer cross-platform applications over native applications, which run only on a single platform.

The technology uses Dart as the programming language for building native interfaces. It also relieves developers from writing the entire code from scratch for developing a single app for two platforms. Google Ads and Reflectly are the two popular mobile apps developed over Flutter.

React Native

Developed by Facebook, it is an open-source framework used for developing cross-platform applications for iOS, Android, and UWP. The apps built using React Native have native-like capabilities and can run on various platforms.

Developers use ReactJS and JavaScript for creating applications that observe tremendous success on different platforms. Myntra, UberEats and Airbnb are some of the apps developed using this framework.


It is an amazing programming language developed by Apple Inc for macOS, tvOS, Linux and a few other platforms. The language works with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks. Swift uses a safe programming pattern and provides exceptional features for making a complete iOS mobile app development process flawless. LinkedIn, Hipmunk and Lyft are some of the excellent examples of applications developed using this language.


Laravel is used explicitly for building high-end web applications leveraging its graceful and significant syntaxes. The php framework comes with a dynamic collection of tools and provides a robust application architecture. Moreover, it contains characteristics of various technologies CodeIgniter, Ruby on Rails, ASP. NET MVC and many more. Along with these features, Laravel takes care of the security part of the application as well.

This tool has been in the headlines for all the right reasons since its release; therefore, it will help you manage your development process effectively. Hire Laravel developers for developing a robust mobile app.


Undoubtedly mobile apps are an amazing way of promoting a business. It is a cost-efficient methodology for increasing the reach for any startup. As people today, majorly use smartphones, mobile applications remain handy to them. Moreover, it helps users to manage their lives better and make their day to day operations easy. A mobile app development company in the UK can help startups placed there to develop a scalable application for them.

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