Don’t Believe In These Myths Related To Artificial Intelligence

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Jan 11,2021

If someone will go in the past of the 90s and bring back a person to the current era then the one thing that will completely surprise that person will be technology. You should know that technological evolution has been happening from a long period of time but it is only in the 21st century that the pace of technological evolution has taken a sharp turn and started speeding up while giving us technological miracles like cloud accounting.

Now, if you will read the global tech news then you will find new technologies being introduced to the modern era every single day. Well, this is what makes the modern era a golden opportunity for tech freaks and innovators. And one such technology that is completely changing how things used to be is artificial intelligence.

You should know that AI is one of the most revolutionary technologies of the modern era and many people have heard about it only in books and movies. Well, you might be thinking that artificial intelligence is only about robots talking like humans but you should know that artificial intelligence is much more than robots with human-like brains as it is even being used in cloud accounting solutions like QB host.


In the current era, there are many fields and applications where artificial intelligence is being used. But instead of discussing the benefits and applications of artificial intelligence, in this blog post, we are going to discuss the top myths related to artificial intelligence.

If you are looking forward to making the most of artificial intelligence then the first thing that you will need to do is to get rids of the myths that we are going to discuss in this blog post.

  • AI will replace humans:

    If you have your theory about AI from the movie I Robot then there are maximum chances that you are completely wrong. If you are thinking that AI will take over all the jobs currently being done by humans then you have your knowledge related to AI on the basis of movies and this is not the way you can make the most of AI.

    You should know that in the modern era, AI will never replace humans completely, rather it will complement the current jobs being done by humans.

    There are many repetitive and risky tasks out there that are not only boring but dangerous for humans too. If these jobs will be eliminated then we can use the same workforce somewhere else and this is what AI will do to the modern era and the people of the modern era.

    You can take the example of AI being used in accounting software and this application is currently allowing accountants to become more accurate and effective.
  • AI and machine learning are the same:

    There are many people out there that have gathered their knowledge about technological solutions through wrong sources only and this is what interrupts the way you use Artificial Intelligence.

    You should know that if you are thinking that AI and machine learning are both the same then you are completely wrong. There are many differences between AI and machine learning and in order to use AI in the best possible way, you will need to understand these differences.

    First of all, you should know that machine learning is basically a subset of artificial intelligence. On one side, machine learning requires well-thought-out training and a proper data acquisition strategy but on the other side, AI is basically an umbrella term that is used for a broad set of computer engineering programs.

    This is why you should never think that both AI and machine learning are the same as this will make things confusing for you. If you are looking for a reliable and innovative AI-powered affiliate marketing software for your Shopify or WooCommerce shop, check out Scaleo.
  • Intelligent machines learn on their own:

    If you have learned a couple of things about Machine learning then you must have started thinking that the concept of AI allows it to learn on its own. A finished ML product is the one culprit that might give you such an impression but this is completely wrong. But you should know that experienced data scientists are the one that works behind the real intelligence of these powerful and innovative products.

    The data scientists frame the problem, prepare the data and then they are the one who chooses the right database, get rid of every type of potential bias and then keep updating the software for proper integration of the new knowledge and data in the next learning cycle.

    Well, this is the main reason why you should never think AI will be able to learn on its own. Rather, you should think that AI is trained and fed by humans and without humans like data scientists, AI will be nothing more than a dead thought.
  • It can be completely objective:

    Another popular myth related to AI is that it is completely objective but this is not the case. It doesn’t matter which type of data you are using, the one thing that you will have to be sure about is that AI applications will be completely based on data and you can consider this as a universal fact.

    In addition to this, there are many different types of inputs and rules that are made by humans and these are the aspects on which each and every type of AI is based. In addition to this, you should also know that each and every human out there is based in one way or another and this is what applies to AI.

    All the systems are frequently retrained for example when you will be using data from social media then you will be more vulnerable to unwanted biases and even to unwanted influences. So, this simply means that even if you are not planning to consider AI for your firm, you should know that AI can never be 100% objective.

So, if you are planning to use AI in the best possible way then first of all you will need to get rid of the myths mentioned in this blog post otherwise you will never be able to make the most of AI.

This is why you should never think that both AI and machine learning are the same as this will make things confusing for you. If you are looking for developing the software for proper AI integration a reliable and innovative AI-powered affiliate marketing software for your Shopify or WooCommerce shop, check out Scaleo.

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