5 Tools That Will Boost Your Websites CRM Faster

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Feb 26,2021

To attract more clients and even more importantly - long-term clients, you have to know what works in your target market. This can be easily achieved by using quality tracking and research tools. Thanks to technology and creative developers, we have a myriad of tools at our disposal at any moment.

Out of all the things that a marketer or business person needs to strategize on, the relationship with customers is the most important one, even online customers. This determines the branding of a business, its reputation, and affects the revenue and profit. Customer relationship management or CRM is aimed to help with precisely this – impressing the customers.

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management is basically a technology that businesses and experts use to manage interactions and relationships with potential and current customers. This technology is used to improve various business relationships and grow the business. Thanks to good CRM, companies can streamline various processes, stay connected to their customers, and improve profitability.

A proper CRM solution helps you focus on relationships with different people – including service users, customers, suppliers, colleagues, and employees. Your goals can be different – finding a new customer, providing support to teammates, winning a client's business, or offering various services throughout a selected relationship.

A quality CRM system gives everyone in any line of business a better way to manage the important relationships that build and drive success. Various CRM tools are used to store information, record issues, identify sales opportunities, and manage different marketing campaigns. When all this is placed in a single tool, the life of a business person gets much easier.

Why CRM Software?

CRM software makes for the biggest software market on a global level right now. By 2025, it is expected to reach over $80 billion in revenues. One of the reasons why people use it is its accessibility. The websites of businesses and organizations want and need access to accurate, real-time customer data they can use to boost their strategies, and appeal to the correct demographic.

CRM data can help you in many ways. It helps organize the contact info, manages the relationship with new, prospective, or existing customers and clients, and delivers real-time data that you can use in your business.

When tasked with choosing a CRM, every business person will have different criteria. However, certain things like ease of use, reporting, and customizations are essential no matter what your website is about, where it stands on the market, etc.

Based on all this, here are the top 5 choices for CRM tools that can be extremely helpful to your business.

1. CRM for Fast Designs: Foyr.com

Foyr Neo is an intuitive, simple-to-use software used mostly by interior designers. This is an intelligent system that requires a small portion of the professional's time to deliver accurate visualizations of the floor and building plans.

Most of the time, Foyr provides a one-click solution thanks to its drag- and- drop features. It allows users to find and use the latest trends in interior design and apply them to their projects to better impress and communicate with customers.

This is the first-ever software that allows for end-to-end, complete design workflow without the need of using other tools. Since its creation, the tool has been used by thousands of interior designers who wished to better connect with clients, impress them before the real-life work took place, and design amazing spaces in very little time.

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Compared to other software used in this particular industry, Foyr Neo is lighting fast i.e. up to 50% faster than others. In it, users have access to over 50,000 3D models they can simply drag and drop into their new designs.

Lastly, Foyr has a very competitive price. It costs from $49 to $179 per month with a 14-days free trial option if you want to test it before making a purchase.

2. Best CRM Overall: ConvergeHub.com

Converge Hub is an all-encompassing CRM software that allows users to take full control over their business sales, service, billing, and marketing. If you use this software, you can enjoy a high-quality system where you can view data in 360 degrees, as well as successfully avoid duplicate data entry.

This software is ideal for small, as well as big businesses. Thanks to its numerous features, small businesses can expand gradually alongside the system and upgrade their features as they progress.

You can use this tool to accomplish all kinds of goals for every stage of the customer lifecycle. It is known for its features that allow users to:

· Attract more leads
· Nurture prospects
· Send out campaigns
· Handle support tickets
· Close various sales
· Generate new contracts
· Store documents
· Send quotations and invoices
· Manage services and products, etc.

Converge Hub integrates with other software products through native integrations including PandaDoc, QuickBooks, DocuSign, Twilio, Office365, Dropbox, Box, Wordpress, Zapier, APIs, Piesync, etc.

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Compared to other products on the market, this is one of the more affordable ones. Customers can use this software for as little as $9 per month for their annual plan or $11 per month for their quarterly plan.

3. CRM for Multi-Channel Communication: Bitrix24.com

If you want your business to thrive, you need to take your communication with customers to a higher level. Bitrix24 allows users to house all communication methods under one roof. Functions such as chat, email, video, SMS< social, telephony, and intranet are all integrated with the:

· help desk
· project management tools
· marketing automation
· website builder

When you click on the button Contact Center in the tool’s main menu, you’ll be given a chance to set up every communication option. For example, to install live chat, you need to insert a line of code into your CMS. To connect an email address, you just need to click on an icon that says Mail and select your address.

Once you connect all channels using Bitrix24, you can easily access all records and contact options. Speaking to customers has never been simpler. Your task is to click on an option, pick a recipient, and start your conversation. All conversations you make are recorded in individual contact timelines.

This tool has a central hub called Activity Stream. If you have used Slack before, this is similar to it. It allows you to chat with different departments within your company, individual employees or teammates, or the company as a whole.

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Bitrix24 has several pricing options for its users. They begin with a simple free plan, followed by prices that range between $14 and $119 a month.

4. CRM for Automation: Salesmate.io

Salesmate is a tool that does two things for its users. First, it helps them increase their conversion rates. Second, it builds better relationships with customers. Thanks to this tool, many business people can improve both their communication with prospects and overall performance. Salesmate.io is a great automation CRM tool.

Featuring an easy-to-use interface and fully automated workflows, Salesmate saves loads of time for users. Its hottest features right now include:

· Email drip sequences
· Built-in calling with a power dialer
· Workflow automation (follow-ups with clients and prospects and auto-assign touchpoints)
· Smart e-mail tracking
· Sales pipeline management

This tool makes it easier for businesses to save time at all stages of the sales cycle and better manage their pipeline. It’s a one cloud-based CRM with multiple functions. Businesses of different sizes and from different industries have chosen this particular technology to simplify their sales processes and make the company more productive.

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Sales automation is one of the most popular features of Salesmate. By using it, you can track prospects, leads, and business opportunities – all at the same time. Thanks to this feature, every team member will get notifications when clients take an action regarding the business.

The Sales Pipeline Management feature, on the other hand, allows sales reps to focus on important deals at the right time. Imagine a simple sales pipeline view that doesn’t resemble those outdated CRMs and bulky spreadsheets.

Lastly, the smart email tracking feature includes tools such as email performance tracking, sales email notifications, smart email templates, personalized email address, and an in-built email client.

Even though it offers a myriad of features, this tool is very affordable. Its pricing ranges between $12 and $40 per month. If you pay it annually, you can save 20% off the total cost.

5. CRM for Customization: Salesforce.com

When it comes to CRMs, Salesforce has become one of the most standard clouds. This company currently offers several products, but the customizable CRM remains their most requested offer.

Featuring a small set of options, this tool is very easy to use. If you decide to purchase anything above the Professional plan, you'll find more numerous and useful tools every day. Salesforce has an amazing selection of customization features including the most popular choices such as:

· Automated activity capture
· Workflow builder
· Collaborative forecasting

Visually speaking, the Flow Builder is a drag-and-drop tool. You can use it to create your workflows, automate repetitive actions, and ensure compliance with your business’ plans and strategies.

For example, users can send all leads from events and automated email with links to the company’s resources and a rep’s contact by automating this option. They can create a big workflow by clicking on several buttons.

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Salesforce has an AI called Einstein that allows for several things including automated data entry across the email and the calendar. Think of it this way. When you create your next meeting in the calendar, it will be automatically associated with any related CRM record. You’ll simply find it in the field called Activities.

This tool doesn't come with a free plan, but it is quite affordable to use. To use its essentials, you’ll be asked to pay $25. The remaining plans range between $75 and $300 per month.

Final Thoughts

For a website to last, you need a good strategy that’s mostly centered around the target customers. This is highly reliant on what kind of information you get on your target audience and your business's progress. To translate many streams of data that come from customer service, sales, marketing, and all sorts of monitoring, you need a good CRM system. Thankfully, there are tools like the ones above that can help you boost your CRM and get ahead of your competition.

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